Twin Protocol
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Welcome and thank you for your time! Lets dig deeper into Twin Protocol.
Twin Protocol is PvP AMM Synthetic Assets Exchange, matching traders against each other in leverage trades, with the option for liquidity providers to participate. The protocol works by allowing traders to open long or short positions at the current spot price of the asset, and charges a funding fee based on the ratio of longs to shorts.
The protocol utilises an intermediary token called TLP, which is minted when traders deposit collateral, and is used to compensate for any difference in total profits and losses. The TLP token can be minted by anyone at the current price, and fees are distributed back into the backing USDC pool, allowing for automatic compounding. This creates a token with a price that can be used for hedging and earning yield.
Twin Protocol allows for more balanced payouts for traders and encourages users to take on the minority side, while also allowing for the platform to be used for any user who wants to earn yield while taking a directional position or hedging.
Twin Protocol is built on Arbitrum and BNB Chain, and will be available on other networks as well.
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